Dogs are known as very loyal companions in USA and they also are considered to protect the homes and families. On the other hand, many other places in the world do not consider them as what we did.

China is one of these places, they are really considered them as food. And there is an annual festival called the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, it is a highly controversial dog meat festival, they slaughter more than 10,000 dogs each year. And the traders of dog meat are the responsible for gathering as many dogs as they can.

Nowadays, a heartless meat trader in China started hunting a dog using arrows on the street. The dog was shot twice, but he managed to stand. Fortunately, Qiao Wei, a dog lover saw this sick attack, and saved the poor pup.

He immediately took the dog to a vet in central China. The dog was taken x-ray at the vet, and they managed to remove the arrows safely. Now, Qimin Animal Protection Association is taking care of the dog, and it is finally getting a good chance to recover.