Puebla, Mexico: A heartbreaking video depicting a blatant abuse of an innocent dog has rapidly spread online. The footage shows how an evil owner understands to treat his pet: the poor canine was left to hang in the yard, next to a brick wall, on a very tight chain; in fact, the chain is so short the dog is barely able to move and can only stand on the tip of his feet; resting comfortably is simply out of the question.

Neighbors are desperate, they have tried to reason with the callous owner dozens of times, but to no avail. The man is refusing to surrender his dog and prefers to keep him on this tight chain day and night, simply because he can; witnesses claim the dog is sometimes brought inside, but later chained in the same position for an extended amount of time.

If you look in the background, the entire place is a mess, there is dirt and trash everywhere, obviously the owner doesn’t strike me as a responsible person.

This ongoing incident unfolded in the municipality of Puebla, in Mexico. This is the complete address where the dog is being held:

Privada Lázaro Cárdenas No3 Col Francisco I Madero CP 72130, Puebla

The ball is now in the hands of the authorities, they are the only ones that can rescue this poor baby. Please sign and share this petition widely in an effort to pursue them to take action: we demand that this severely mistreated dog is rescued without further delay and the owner is held accountable for all the suffering he has caused.

The dog is kept on a tight chain, next to a wall

He is forced to sit in this upright position for hours

The owner is refusing to surrender him – help us rescue this severely mistreated dog!

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