De Julio Municipality, Argentina: I am asking every concerned animal lover out there to support my petition so justice can be done. Just look at what this cruel couple did to their pet dog.

They were supposed to take care of him, but instead bashed him over the head with a hammer several times, showing no mercy whatsoever. The reasons behind the attack remain unknown.

The dog was rushed to the hospital in very bad condition after being discovered by a Good Samaritan. The canine had multiple open wounds and was dripping from all over his face, but he turned out to be a true fighter.

He survived the ordeal and has recovered nicely since the attack. He will be put up for adoption soon and hopefully he will find love and compassion from his new owners. We can only thank the vets and staff for their tremendous efforts to save the pet’s life.

Exclusive: Help rescue dog chained outside in the rain for hours by cruel owner!

This happened in the municipality of 9 De Julio in Argentina and the perpetrators’ names are Lucas Medrano and his wife who, as illustrated in the photos, is expecting another child (the couple already has three others).

What kind of mother is capable of doing this? She must have no compassion and no maternal instinct whatsoever.

Please sign and share this campaign to ensure these cruel owners are prosecuted to the fullest extent (law no. 1346/04 confers protection to animals all across Argentina), in addition to receiving a lifetime ban on owning pets. There is no excuse for what they did and justice for prevail at all costs.

Share away ! People.

Thank you for caring.