Shocked people from the Batikent Lightining Industrial site in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city, could not believe their eyes when they saw a man driving an extremely old car model with a dog tied behind it. The helpless animal was being dragged up and down the street as he howled in terrible pain.

The driver was making rounds through the neighborhood, so concerned witnesses immediately blew the alarm. After a few minutes of agony, they finally got the callous driver to pull over. Witnesses then managed to cut the dog’s rope and rushed him to a vet. The poor animal was very shaken up, with many injuries, but was grateful to his rescuers.

The driver seemed to be extremely calm and relaxed and, upon being confronted by angry citizens, he claimed that since he was the owner of the dog, he could do whatever he liked with him, including this.

Witnesses also took photos of the car’s license plates: 06 LGF 83. They filed a complaint with local police, hoping for a speedy solution in this case.

But to everyone’s surprise, no action has been taken up to this point. A few months have passed since the incident took place, yet the driver has not been punished. Even more disturbing is the fact that he has been able to regain ownership of the pet, in spite all the suffering he has caused!

Please do not this heartless individual escape unpunished! We must do our best to ensure that justice will be served. Sign and share and have this man brought to justice and the dog removed from him, before that defenseless animal is subjected to more abuse.

The incident took place at the Batikent Lightining Industrial site in Ankara, Turkey.

Outraged witnesses managed to get the driver to pull over.

After a few tensionate moments the perpetrator agreed to untie the dog