This monster’s face is being shared all over social media. Please sign the petition to ensure proper prosecution will follow and that this heartless man won’t get away with it!

The appalling incident took place on the highway that connects Prados and Alto Barinas in Venezuela.

Motorists were left in disbelief when they noticed a helpless canine being tied up against the back of a car with a rope and dragged alongside the tarmac at high speed.

Drivers did not look the other way and did their best to stop the driver: they honked their horns and flashed the driver several times, before the heartless man was cornered and finally pulled over.

The driver looked to be genuinely bothered and extremely displeased by the fact that his journey was cut short and did not seem to care at all about the dog’s fate. When asked about what he was thinking, the man gave an astonishing reply, claiming he enjoyed the ride!

Witnesses immediately started working on the dog, who was severely injured. There was a lot of blood on the road.

Despite the ordeal, the pooch was friendly and very grateful to his rescuers. Witnesses snapped a photo of the car’s license plates, while the driver was sitting nearby and calmy talking on his mobile phone.

At one point, the callous owner untied the dog, got into his car and took off, like nothing had happened.

The car’s license plate numbers are AAK 42P.

I have not been able to find any updates on the dog’s health condition as of yet.

While I am aeware of the political turmoil and the humanitarian crisis that is currently unfolding in Venezuela at the moment, this incident cannot go unpunished and I certainly hope this poor excuse of a man will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

No matter what the circumstances are, there is simply no excuse for this outrageous behavior! Do not ignore the dog’s plea for help and sign / share the petition now! We, the undersigned, hereby want to make an important call for justice and hope this case will not go by unnoticed!

Witnesses managed to pull the car over amid intense efforts.

The dog was badly wounded as rescuers untied him

While first responders were trying to rescue the dog, the perpetrator just stood nearby and talked on his mobile phone, visibly irritated that his journey had been interrupted.


  1. Hope this jerky gets severely punished for this cruel act. Maybe he should be dragged behind someone’s vehicle like he did that sweet puppy. Hope that cute fur baby is alright and makes a full recovery.