Dear friends, please unite and help put this monster behind bars! Such monsters are a disgrace to our society and must be punished by all means. Sign and share my petition if you feel the same way.

The terrible incident unfolded in broad daylight, on the streets of Uberaba, in Minas Gerais province, Brazil.

A pit bull was repeatedly smacked with a stick for unknown reasons. At one point, several passers-by tried to intervene, but the attacker threatened their lives as well, so all witnesses simply backed off and watched how the gentle pit bull dog was pounded on and on.

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Finally, rescuers were able to free the dog and take her to the hospital. An update indicates that the dog has severe injuries, her head is extremely swollen due to the blows she suffered and it is still unclear if she will survive.

The female pit bull has been sedated and is receiving pain medication while tests are being conducted

The attacker was caught on camera, his name is Cristiano Gomes Rezende (pictured on the right). The dog’s owner has also been notified about the incident and social media activists are demanding prompt action on behalf of the authorities.

Up to this point, charges have not been filed against the perpetrator, although he has been caught on camera in the act.

Please show your support and demand justice for this dog. No one should ever behave this way towards a harmless dog and expect to get away with it!

This is the moment the female pit bull is attacked in broad daylight

This is the moment the female pit bull is attacked in broad daylight

The dog was rushed to the hospital in critical condition

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