Life isn’t easy for animals everywhere. Where dogs in the United States might be treated like kings and queens, they aren’t considered to be quite as special in other places, unfortunately.
That’s because dogs are often killed and sold for their fur and meat in certain countries. It’s something that animal rights activists work tirelessly to end.
Marc Ching is one such activist, though he puts almost every other to shame. The work he’s done to save dogs has been so dangerous, that he’s almost lost his own life in the process…
Marc Ching has risked his life more than three times to help rescue animals from China and South Korea. Through his organization Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, Marc has dedicated his life to saving animals from the fur and meat trade.

“I tried to go to this slaughterhouse and I actually got held hostage. So, it didn’t go well,” said Marc. He paused and then quietly added, “but I saved 57 dogs that trip.”

Lots of people talk a big game about doing anything for animals, but Marc is actually doing it.

In order to raise less suspicion, Marc goes undercover as a buyer at the slaughterhouses where these animals are butchered. In this way he’s able to sneak in, save the dogs and other animals who need the most help, and get back out safely.

There’s no denying that Marc is a true hero. It’s clear that he’s not going to let even the threat of violence stop him from doing his part to save dogs in need.