This is the sad story of Roadrunner. This innocent, adorable pet was severely abused in the hands of 38-year-old Kimberly Bond Anderson; this cruel woman choked the poor animal by its leash several times, before tossing him out the window of a Kansas, Missouri apartment.

Volunteers with the KC Pet Project were quick to take in the badly wounded animal and provide him with the best medical care possible. Sadly, Roadrunner has lost sight in both eyes amid the injuries sustained.

Roadrunner has since nicely recovered and has been adopted by a family that cherishes and loves him. It is safe to say this dog has put all the abuse behind him and is enjoying a life filled with joy and happiness.

Anderson pleaded guilty to to felony and misdemeanor charges of animal abuse. As a part of the plea deal, she will be committed to the Jackson County Mental Health Court and was banned from owning animals again. She was also fined $200 and will serve 120 days of shock therapy.

We, the undersigned, strongly feel that the punishment applied to Kimberly Anderson is extremely lenient and does not even come close to compensate Roadrunner’s suffering. We hereby demand a review of the plea deal and a much tougher penalty that should include mandatory jail time.

Unless tougher sanctions are imposed, we will never be at peace. Please support my quest for true justice by signing and sharing the petition.

Kimberly Anderson – Roadrunner’s owner – entered a plea deal and received an extremely lenient sentence.

Roadrunner has lost sight in both of his eyes.

Demand real justice for Roadrunner!

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