The loyalty of a dog is something really impressive! Finn is a German Shepherd who worked in the police with Dave Wardell, a policeman who treated his four-legged friend like his son. Before retiring, the puppy was 7 years old patrolling the streets, always being an amazing “agent”.

However, he was seriously injured in an operation to capture an assailant who, when he was knocked over by the dog, stabbed him severely!

Finn stepped in and bit the assailant’s leg until he hit the floor. But the man turned his back and, without measuring the consequences, buried a metal object in the dog’s chest.

Not being satisfied that he had harmed the poor dog, the thief didn’t hesitate to attack the officer, who was confused by what had happened.

Despite the reserved state of health, the German Shepherd continued to pull the suspect’s leg and eventually saved the agent’s life! “The first thing I thought of was controlling the blood he was losing. I lifted his paw and heard a noise from the blood. It was the air that was being absorbed through his wound hole.”, said Dave.

Blood covered the officer’s hands and clothes, and he thought his brave boy was dying in front of him.

After the attack, the officer got Finn in his arms and took him to the local vet. The dog was transferred to another clinic during an interminable journey of almost half an hour, where his quick breaths and the weak beats of his heart threatened his life.

Once in the clinic, he underwent surgery to treat the wound on his lungs. “Please save my baby. He saved my life.”, said Dave. Luckily, everything went as intended and the doggie survived! Once at home the officer shared a photo on the social networks, showing his torso and his scar:

Shortly after, Finn returned to the service and the man who stabbed him was sentenced to only four months in prison.

However, Finn has already saved many lives, including his partner’s and last year it was time to retire. Thank you for everything hero! Sure enough, he’s getting a lot of love and affection from Dave.

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Source: Zoorprendente