Left to die. Sick and abandoned. This senior dog was left to die on the streets of Miami by his heartless owners. How people can be so cruel, I just don’t understand. The dog appeared lifeless, and people just walked by. Their Lives Matter, a rescue organization stepped in to help.

The dog was rushed to an emergency vet for treatment. He was named Collin. Collin had open wounds. He was covered in ticks (around 1,000) and was dehydrated. Collin is now free from ticks, rehydrated, and resting comfortably.

Collin has several tumors on his body. Hopefully, they are not cancerous. The team will examine Collin soon and determine what the next steps are.

If you are unwilling to care for an animal for their entire life – don’t get one. They are living beings and should never be abandoned when sick or old.

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