This dog was abandoned at a high-kill shelter and cried..

At the Carson Animal Shelter in California, a lonely Pit Bull whimpered and cried in his kennel for his family.

Blue King or Blue, had lived with his family in California for approximately a year until they decided to move. When they moved, they decided against taking Blue with them and surrendered him to the Carson Animal Shelter instead.

However, as the Carson Animal Shelter is a high-kill shelter, Blue’s life was in grave danger of being euthanized. The longer Blue stays at the shelter, the higher his chances of being put down.


It was not long until the volunteers from Saving Carson Shelter Dogs noticed Blue’s cries and his depressed state. They decided to help him by filming a video of him and posted it on the organization’s Facebook page to spread the word about him so that he would be adopted soon.

A woman named Jennifer Mckay saw the video and decided to visit Blue at the shelter. Upon meeting him, Mckay immediately noticed that Blue did not even acknowledge her presence and simply continued to remain where he was.

According to Mckay, he was unlike the other dogs at the shelter, who greeted anyone in front of their kennel with wagging tails.

She also stated that Blue seemed to be waiting for his former family, he would look at anyone who walked past his kennel with hopeful eyes and return to his depressed state when he did not see his family.

McKay could not take Blue home with her on that day as the shelter required Blue to pass a temperament test before he goes into his forever home. While waiting for the test results, Mckay visited Blue again and even brought him a bone and his very own doggy bed.

Blue still did not allow Mckay to pet him but loved his new bed. When McKay visited Blue for the third time, Blue finally perked up and greeted her when she arrived in front of his kennel.

A week later, Mckay was informed that Blue had passed the test and was allowed to pick him up. Once Blue made his way out of his kennel, he changed into a totally different dog!

Blue was excited upon his release and immediately loved riding in the car, he even tried to stick his head out through the car window!

When they got home, McKay gave Blue a bath and took him out for a walk. After the walk, Blue had made himself at home and even fell asleep on the couch! Besides sleeping, Blue also loves to cuddle, receive belly rubs and gazing into mirrors with a wagging tail!

According to Mckay, Blue still has a lot to learn as he still needs to learn basic commands and walking to heel on a leash. With Mckay’s loving care and affection, Blue is now definitely in good hands.

The dogs at the Carson Animal Shelter need your help. If you wish to adopt a dog, please visit Saving Carson Shelter Dogs’ Facebook page.